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Related post: Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 19:42:10 -0700 (PDT) From: Arthur Passeri Subject: Returning to School parts 1 and legal pre teen art 2 Return to School -- Chapter 1 pre teen girl pictures I decided to go back to school. Yes, at 31, I decided to become a teacher after I sold my business. After 3 years, I graduated and I saw my alma mater had a opening for a teacher, so I flew to Florida. I flew into Orlando and rented a car to LRA, Lake Rosalie Acadamy, an all boys school near Lake Wales, Florida. I drove into the pre teen hardcore forum gates of LRA and parked at the admissions office. I looked around and nude pre teen model saw raped pre teens LRA grew but it was still the place I remembered. I got out of the car and and opened the door to the office. I went to the director's office. The director, the founder of LRA, Henry Oatney, was in the office and said, "Hello, Jon. I was reading your resume. Business Education would dutch pre teens porn be great for you. Jon, I remember that you were a great baseball player, would you like to be a PE teacher, too." "I wouldn't mind teaching PE. What happened to Mr. Zenker?" "He just got an coaching offer with the Orlando Rays. He resigned three days ago. The baseball team has 4 more games. We are a young team and we are 7 and 10. We only have 4 seniors." "When could I start? I'm ready." "We can set you up at the Melsby Dorm. That is for the boys from 7 to 11. If you are ready, we can show you around. Here is a contract. It is for the rest of this year and next year." "I'm ready." I signed the contract and we started around the campus. Mr. Oatney showed me the new school building - the LRA North school building, where my classroom is located. I was impressed with the new building including the new computer young pre teen picture lab, which I never had here. The 3 other school buildings - LRA pre teenes models South, LRA Central and LRA Founders - were here when I was, but they were updated with computers. gay pre teens The South and Founders were the lower school - for 7 to 12 year olds, so when we were in the Founders building, a cute boy of 9, came up to us tiny pre teen models and said, "Hello Mr. Oakney. Hello." Mr. Oakney said, "Hello, Tannis. Why aren't you in class? May I introduce you to Mr. Jon Zahradnik. He is the new coach and business education and PE teacher." Tannis said, "Hello Mr. Zah.." Tannis was interrupted, when Jon said, "Call me Mr. Z." Tannis smiled and said, "Welcome to Lake Rosalie, Mr. Z. I guess you'll be the PE teacher for us." I watched Tannis go into his class, then Mr. Oakney said, "LRA is different than when you were here. Of course, You were here in the 80s, but now we got liberated." I looked at Mr. Oakney and he smiled. Mr. Oakney, showed me the new Da Valle Gymnasium, which replace the old gym - which is now a hobby area, and black pre teen porn the new Aquino Aqua Center, a complex of two pools. Then we pre teens nude pic headed toward the dorms - the same three that were here when I was here along pre teen free gallery with 2 new dorms. The dorm I'll be part of is one of the old dorms, but when we got to it, I saw it was remodeled. The living area, a place where, when I was here was a rug, a sofa and a tv, was remodeled with 3 sofas, a new rug, a big screen tv and bookcases. The dorm supervisor's office and the nurse's office was pre teenie porn pics remodeled, yet they were the same, and the rooms - except for the furniture and the computers and tvs - looked the same. Mr Oakney, walked across the hall and said, "You know that we never had the staff living with the boys when you were here. When we built the new 'Kies Dorm'. we added a staff unit in it. We had positive feedback from the boys, so when we accidental pre teen nudity remodeled the dorms, we decided to put a staff units in all of the dorms. I hope you'll like it." He opened the door and I saw a nice apartment - 2 bedrooms, a bath, a small kitchen and a living area. "I like the unit. I guess I should move in." "We have a staff meeting at 2:45. I want to introduce you to the staff," Mr. Oakney said. "Would you pre teens want to have lunch?" I looked at my watch and it was noon, so I started towards the dining hall. When fat pre teen girls we were coming into the dining hall, the boys were looking at me then they were whispering. We were in line and the boy in front of me, a blondish brown haired, green eyed boy of 10, looked at me, then whispered to his friend, 'Who is that, Tannis?' I looked at Tannis, pre teen boobs whom I met earlier, who said, "El, he is the new PE teacher. He looks nice." Tannis looked at me and said, "Hi, Mr Z. Hello, Mr. Oakney. El, his name is Mr. Z." El said, "Mr. Z?" I said, "Yes, I'm Mr. Zahradnik, but you can call me Mr. Z." Mr. Oakney said, "I think you'll enjoy being here. We are trying to make the school a pleasant expirence for the boys." El said, "Are you free pre teen fuck going to be a new teacher next year?" "Nope, I'm starting today. I'm going to coach the baseball team along with being the new business pre teens harcore child teacher and PE teacher." I wouldn't mind seeing them in their PE shorts, bet they are very cute. I grabbed a tray and got my lunch, which was Mac and cheese, so I got it and followed Mr. Oakney to the staff tables. Mr. Oakney sat down and said, "We have a illeagel pre teen porn new teacher starting today. He was a student here, graduating in 1985. This is Mr. Jonathan Zahradnik." I was greeted by the teachers and we were making small talk during lunch. Suddenly, a reddish orange haired, green eyed boy of 9, said, "I told you to FUCKING stop it. Byrum." He then took his mac and cheese and smashed it into the face of Byrum, a brown haired, brown eyed boy of 11. Soon fists were swinging, with chairs crashing. One of the teachers, Steve Beckford, a tall black haired blue eyed man of 43, got up and said, "Duty calls." I decided to get up and see if he needed help in breaking it up. I grabbed the reddish orange haired boy. I looked at him and little pre teen sex saw he had a black eye. Steve said, "Jon, welcome to LRA. We are going to take them to the dorm." I followed Steve to Melsby Dorm and went into the dorm supervisor's office. We sat them in the chairs and Steve said, "Jon, you aren't in trouble." I pre teen schoolgirl said, "I know, but I remembered being in here many times for fighting." I looked at the two boys and said, "Hello, I'm Mr. Zahradnik, a new teacher here." Steve said, "Jon, stay here. you might as well get used to this." He looked at Byrum and the other boy and said, "What happened?" Byrum and Cody both started to 15 pre teen porn talk at once, so Steve said, "Cody, you go first." Cody looked at me and sniffed. "Byrum been bugging me all morning. He saw me changing my sheets because I had a nightmare and pre teen boys cock he called me a BABY. He and my roommate were both kidding me calling me a baby and I couldn't take it." Byrum said, "He started it. He started to hit me!" Steve said, "I doubt pre teen pussy models that, Byrum. I know you." Steve looked at me and said, "Jon, could you take Cody and see if the nurse is back from lunch. If she pre teen boys fuck isn't, gay pre teen boys give Cody an ice pack and pre teen beach take him to his room." I took him nympho pre teen to the nurse's office and the nurse, Mrs. Arnstein said, "Jon, nice to see you again! What can I do for you?" I said, "Hi, nursie. I'm a teacher here, starting today. I have a victim of a fight. He needs an ice pack. He very young pre teen has a black eye." I showed her Cody. Mrs. Arnstein, a gray haired lady of 55, said, "Hello, Cody.I guess you are going to your room." She filled up the ice bag and handed it to Cody. Cody looked at me and said, "You a new teacher, sir? I'm sorry." "For what, Cody. Don't worry, could you show me your room?" "I can go to it myself. You don't need to take me there." "I have to, Cody." Cody sighed and we russian pre teens models went to his room, which was next to my apartment. On the door was his grade for his room which was a C+ and his roommate which was a C-. Cody looked at the grades and said, "I hate my roommate! He never cleans. I can't keep this room clean." He got on his bed and started to cry. "I hate it here. I hate it here." He was crying. I left him in his room and started towards the office. Walking down the hall, I had boys looking at me and asking each other, "Who's that?" I had to smile since I'm new beach nude pre teen and I was as nervous as they were with me. When I went into the office, Steve and Mr. Oakney were talking, so Steve said, "Henry, I guess Jon's first day is exciting so far. How's Cody?" "He is crying. He got a C+ on his room and he said that he hates his roommate. Could you get him a pre teens nudist new roommate?" "We were thinking nude are pre teen of putting him in a different form. Cody would be punished if we did that, so we don't want to punish him. Cody is a great student, but he can't get on the honor roll because his room grade free pre teens nude is usually C. We were going to put him in the staff unit. Now, we can't do that." Steve looked at Henry and smiled. They then looked at me and I said, "Are you saying that Cody wouldn't mind having a teacher as a roommate?" Steve and Henry looked at each other and smiled.------------------------------------------------------------------------- Returning to School - Chapter 2 young nude pre teens Steve and Henry pre teen lesbos looked at me and Henry said, "Think about it. lil pre teen pussy Cody might be happy with that!" Henry and Steve looked at me. "Are you saying that I could have a roommate who's 9 years old?" I was thinking that Cody would look cute sleeping, and if he is pre teen private pedo happy, why not enjoy it, too. "Yes," Henry said, "We decided to try the Summerhill method with clothes optional on the weekend. The Aquino Complex has 2 pools because one is used nude. Mr. Aquino was a director and he helped us pre teens porn sites since he was a student at Summerhill." "I'll think about it. I guess LRA changed since I was here." Of course it was 17 years ago, so I'll think about it, but I might enjoy seeing Cody in bed. "Craig, why pre teen nude videos don't you leave me alone. I hate you and you NEVER clean the room." We heard coming from Cody's room. "Oh is the CRYBABY being a FUCKING baby? Is your DIAPER wet?" "Why don't you leave me alone!!" He sniffed. "Oh, we have a CRYBABY. Tom, this CRYBABY need a CRIB." I looked pre teen rusas at Steve and Henry and said, "I guess DUTY called." I got up and walked to Cody's pre teen angel room and I grabbed two boys, one of which said, "Who the FUCK are you, you PERVERT?" I dragged them to the office and threw them into the chairs. I said, "I am the new teacher at LRA, pre teen junior nudes that is what the FUCK I am. I'm not a PERVERT, and pre teens candid you better get a better attitude." Steve said, "Jon, that boy is Craig, Cody's roommate. I guess I should introduce another of his and Byrum's friend, Tom." Henry said, "Going to 'red chair' them, Steve? Jon, the red chairs are gone, but the student are still red chaired. They can't tell people nude pre teen incest to change the channel, so usually they get bored." "I remembered the one time I was red chaired. Of couse it was only ABC, CBS and NBC, and I pre teen pictures illegal watched the shows. I bet some put on C-Span for them to watch." Henry and Steve looked at each other, then Henry said, "Let's get you settled in." Henry and I left the office, then Henry pre teensex said, "Settle galleries pre teens fuck in. I'll see you at 2:45." Henry walked out of the building, so I decided to check on Cody. I knocked on Cody's doorframe and I saw that he was lying face down crying. The icebag was on the nightstand. I looked at his room and saw that his dresser and desk were in one corner while Craig's desk and dresser were in the center of the room and his bed was under the window. I could see that Craig was a bully. I went to Cody's bed and sat down. I could feel a plastic waterproof mattress cover and I said, "Cody, are you feeling better?" Cody sniffed and said, "I hate this place. I wish I was dead!" He look at me and sniffed. "My mom hates me and I don't have any friends." "I'll be your friend, Cody. You sound like a GREAT boy." Cody sniffed and said, pure pre teen pics "You would?" "Yes, Cody. I need to move in. Want to help me?" I only have two suitcases, but at least Cody would be doing something. He sniffed then said, "Where are you moving to?" "Next door. I heard I'm taking your pre teen asian pussy room. Would you mind a roommate there?" He looked at me and sniffed, "I'm sorry. I'm a pre teen russian sex FUCKING CRYBABY." I see tears in his eyes, so I hugged him and said, "Don't worry, thai pre teens tgp Cody. I'll protect you." "You would? You don't mind a bedwetter?" He hugged me and sniffed. "I'll help you." Cody and I pre teenies xxx went to my rental car and I gave Cody the smallest suitcase and my laptop, while I took the heavy suitcase. I was asking Cody about his family and he said, "I am an only kid. My mom said that I was an accident. I live here or at LRA's camp in Vermont." We walked into my suite and looked at the two bedrooms. I looked at Cody and said, "Which bedroom would you like, Cody." Cody looked at me and said, "You giving me a choice? asian pre teen Can lol pre teens naked I start moving in?" He went into the smaller of the two - which pre teen model nudes was pre teen pantyhose sex still bigger than the regular student bedrooms. "I'll take pre teens non the smaller one." He sniffed and said, "Thanks. I hope you'll like me." "I will. Want to nude pre teen pictures go back to school? Mr Oakney would write pre teen lesbian sex you a pass." "No thanks, I won't be going anywhere this weekend. I'm going to be campused." I knew nn sites pre teen that when I was here pre teen modeling nude campused meant you couldn't go anywhere, but why should Cody be punished. I'm not sure of what I'm going to do, but maybe Cody will show me around. Cody looked at me and said, "I'm going to my room. I hope I can move here." Cody walked to his room at sat on his bed. I decided to go to the living room, so I decided to watch Fox News while waiting for 2:45 for the teacher's meeting. I turned on the TV hot pre teen sex so, Byrum said, "Hey turn that channel. Who wants to watch that? pre teen hardcore naked We want cartoons!" I said, "Sorry, I girl pre teens don't have my TV yet, so I have to watch it here. Besides, you don't have control with the TV." I looked at the boys and Craig was starting to get out pre teen porn of the chair. "Where are you going?" Craig looked at me and said, "I hope you don't mind if I take a SHIT. I'm not a BABY like my FUCKING QUEERBOY ROOMMATE." He looked at Tom and Byrum who fived him. "You got 5 minutes, if you bother Cody, you'll be red chair longer." Tom and Byrum started to leave their chairs and I said, "You aren't SIAMESE TRIPLETS. You aren't going." Soon, 3 ladies, a salt & naturism pre teen videos peppered haired lady of 49, an auburned haired lady of 34 and a brown haired lady of 35, came into the dorm and saw me. They came up to me and the auburned haid lady said, "May we help you?" I said, "Hello, I'm Jon Zahrednik. I'm the new teacher they hired. I watching these -." I was interrupted when I heard, pre teen models nude "Craig!" I got up and went to Cody's bedroom. Craig was laughing and said, "The BABY wet his bed. Hey, suck your pacifier, baby. The jerk is watching the other two." "The Jerk is right here! Craig, get back in the living room! Cody, pre teen ls magizine what happened?" I looked at Craig and said, "Get out into the living room!" Cody sniffed nympho pre teens and said, "He peed all over me and my bed. He also told me to suck his cock." I looked at him and said, "Cody, pre teen cocksuckers take a shower you need a shower. If you want, you can lay on your bed in your new room. I guess I should've watched him. Sorry." Cody got up and started to peel off his wet school clothes. I want to help xxx pre teens pics him get undressed, but I decided to virtual pre teen pics punish Craig some more. I said, "Cody, leave your wet school clothes here. I'll see you later." I went back to the living room and said, "Congratulations Craig, you and your buddies just got TRIPLE TIME in RED CHAIR." Craig looked at me and said, "I -". I interruptted him and said, "If you want your buddies to spend more time in RED CHAIR, you better SHUT UP! If you say 'Boo', you and your friend'll be in RED CHAIR the rest of the school year." I told the ladies to watch them, since I had bikini girls pre teen to go to the meeting. The salt and Pepper haired lady said, "We will watch them. What happened?" "Craig peed all over Cody's bed. Cody had a black eye so he was on his bed with an ice pack. He is taking a shower now. Cody is going to be on a bed in the staff suite." pre teen girls naked I walked to the administration building to see where the Staff meeting was going to be held. I found it was in the dining hall, so when I came in, all the teachers ' eyes were on me. I saw Steve in back, so I sat down next to him. Henry, started to speak and said, "As you are about to find out, we hired a new PE and Business Education teacher and baseball coach. He used to be a student at LRA, so now he is back as a teacher. I would like Jon Zahrednik to stand up." I stood up and waved. I listened to Henry talk girls pre teens naked about the baseball team which will have a game tomorrow against Peace River Prep. I have to see nude pre teens tgp the stats on the players, so I can make a line up and see how I can improve pre teen japan the team. Soon the meeting was over, so I went to the gym and I went into the coach's office. I saw the last line up - a 9 - 0 defeat to our arch rivals - Reedy Lake Acandamy. I went into the locker room pre teen hardcore sex and said, "Hello, I'm Jon Zahrednik. You can call me Coach Z. Are you ready for practice?" Steve and another teacher, Sandy queer pre teen boys Kogan, were the coaches, so I took the pitchers. I looked at the boys - 1 senior who won 6 of the 7 pre teen model pixs games LRA won, 1 junior who won the other game, 3 sophmores and 2 freshmen. I could see that the team will be better next year, but I decided to start David Quay, a black haired, feckled, green eyed boy of 12 for tomorrow. David was a reliever, esclusive pre teens but pre teen pics free I decided to take a chance with David. Before I called the practice over, I asked Steve and Sandy about the line-up. We discussed the line-up for tomorrow and since I didn't know the hitters, I decided to say the line up would be fine. I told the boys to hit the showers, but David held back. David looked at me and said, "Could you help me, sir? I'm still new at being a pitcher. I'm worried that I will pitch poorly. Why did you ask me to start?" "Dave, I decided to use the last four games, to see how we'll do next year. I might want you as the ace of pre teen cam the staff. I bbs pre teen forum want to win the four remaining games, but I want the freshmen to get used to me. Dave, the seniors nude pre teen photo will be leaving after four more games. Chris will anchor the staff next year, but I want a young team, so I'm going to have lots pre teen portal photo of freshmen next year.Are you ready to learn?" "Yes, sir." Dave and I pre teen young were talking about a forkball and tgp pre teenies a curveball, since his one pitch is a fastball, we spent a half hour pitching, then I said, "You'll do fine, Dave. Go take a porno pregnant pre teen shower." I watched Dave walking towards the gym, pre teen pic post and since I want to check the Batting Averages, I decided to walk with Dave to calm ls pre teen models him down. "Dave, I think you'll do good. I'm starting you because I want the team to know that they can pre teens porn picture play better. From what I saw, you are a good pitcher." I opened the door to the locker room, and said, "Take a shower. I have paperwork to do." I went to the office and looked at the batting averages. In ten minutes, Dave came into the office and said, "Thanks Coach. I feel better. I'll make you proud." He hugged me and then kissed me. "Thanks," he said. Dave then left and went to his dorm. I decided to go to my apartment, so I nn pre teens tgp picked up the paperwork and walked to my suite. I went to my apartment and saw Cody was asleep on his bed, so I went to my bedroom and took off nude pre teen pussy my sweaty clothes. I then went to the bathroom and took my shower. I stepped into the bathtub and turned on the shower and soapped up my body. I was going to soap up my 6 1/2" cock when I heard the door open and I pre teen xxx vids heard Cody say, "Mr. Z, I need to pee. Should I wait?" "Come on and pee, n n pre teens Cody." I slid pre teen gallery best the shower door open and said, "Cody, if you are going to be my roommate, I want you to know that you don't need to ask." I took a peek and he was nude with a little 2 1/2" boycock sticking out. "Hey, Cody, how come you are nude?" "Because you are! Can I take a shower with you, Mr. Z?" He looked at me and said, "Please!"-------------------------------------------------------------------------
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